ReNUDE Body Butter for Sexy Toned Skin. All natural with added vitamin D

ReNUDE Body Butter for Sexy Toned Skin. All natural with added vitamin D


Top tips to adding body

butter into your beauty regime

Beautiful healthy skin can be achieved at any age.  

It can be confusing to know if a beauty product is effective and safe for our skin. What can we expect in looking at so many products? So many things to consider.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so we want to be sure it's safe while also effective. Body butters are very effective at improving the texture and health of our skin. Body butters are very emollient. Some much thicker than lotions. We want the hydrating benefits of body butters to last. We want results of soft, smooth, toned and glowing skin. Body butters should be applied heavier on the driest areas of the body and neck and where skin appears thinner and more crepey, wrinkled and with noticeable cellulite. Healthy yet effective ingredients will give you the desired results. Also, adding in nutrients, such as Vitamin D is also a huge beautifier for gorgeous skin. PelleAmo enlists the help of this pro hormone, "vitamin D," into ReNUDE and DREAM SILK natural products.

PelleAmo ReNUDE Botanical Body Butter for ultimate skin hydration and – Pelle Amo

Here are a few tips on using body butter.

  • After showering body butters are very effective at holding in moisture. This is the best time to include your butter. The natural hydration from the water can better be held into the skin after.
  • Showering with harsh hard water with higher pH can dry the skin. The skin mantel is generally 5.5, basically a bit acidic. If you do not have soft water for showering, then you can simply screw on a hard water filter to the showerhead of most showers. These can be purchased at most home repair stores. If you bathe instead then use the shower head to fill your tub.
  • Water temperature and the sun can affect the dryness of our skin. Hot showers and sunning cause the skin to become red, inflamed and dry. Heat reduces the vital oils in the skin that we're trying to hold onto. It’s so nice to have a hot shower, or enjoy the sun a bit, so if you insist, then at least try a cool water rinse after sunning and apply your butter liberally
  • Try skin brushing. Once you skin brush you will never go back. Dry brush your skin before showering or bathing. Skin brushing helps with skin cell turnover and shedding while stimulating both lymphatic and blood capillary circulation. Both help with tone and even cellulite control. You’ll also notice your products will absorb much better and you’ll achieve enhanced skin firmness. Always use a brush that is dry, not too stiff and preferably natural bristles of boar hair, bamboo or hemp. Periodically you’ll want to clean your brush with mild sulfate free soap and let thoroughly dry before using again. Try to avoid your brush becoming wet or coming in contact with lotions or butters. Keep them dry.
  • Stay clear of products that dry your skin. Many of us have used products that feel so moisturizing when we first apply them then we find our skin becoming dryer. Many of these products contain petroleum bases which are actually drying to skin over time. Petroleum is meant to sit on the surface as a lubricant.
  • Many of us have enjoyed using emollient plant-based oils like avocado, coconut and jojoba. Some of these heavier oils may have trouble getting into the skin and therefor can be surface protective as well. Typically, we want our products to absorb while also acting as a surface protector. Complimentary Ingredients can help with skin surface absorption, such as emulsifiers which are hydrophobic, meaning they mix well with oils and hydrophilic molecules mix well with water bases while helping encapsulate other ingredients to carry them deeper into the skin. Essential oils offer natural hydrophilic properties absorbing well into the skin. Also, certain forms of alcohol, such as cetearyl alcohol, help with emulsification and product absorption.

PelleAmo ReNUDE Body Butter can help you achieve the beautiful skin you deserve.

PelleAmo ReNUDE Botanical Body Butter for ultimate skin hydration and – Pelle Amo



PelleAmo Blog Author-

Georjia (Jia) Motta

I am a fitness, wellness and beauty professional since n1984 as a Licensed Cosmetologist, ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher / Pilates Instructor and Reiki Therapist.



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