Can superfood supplements over power an unhealthy diet?

What are superfoods and what are supplements?

Superfoods are actual foods that have a high nutrient density packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and phytonutrients. Some good examples of superfoods are; green leafy vegetables, berries, eggs, salmon, legumes, nuts, seeds, yogurt, green tea, turmeric, garlic, olive oil, algae oil, ginger, seaweed, avocado, sweet potato, mushrooms, and cacao. There are many more. Supplements are nutrient packed capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids that are formulated with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Can Dietary Supplements power over a bad diet?

Wouldn’t that be great if that were true? Nothing beats a healthy and clean diet of natural unprocessed foods. We’ve all had those times where we’ve eaten clean for a few weeks and begin to notice many positive benefits. We may notice too that our digestion is smoother, we don’t have as much bloating or gas, even our thinking becomes cleared, our mind and body less fatigued, our body weight drops and our skin and eyes healthier. We may also notice reduced post muscle soreness and increased endurance during and after intense activity and sports. Our blood pressure and glucose readings also tend to improve.

What is the easiest way to consume more superfoods?

Obviously, the best way is through real and whole foods. This though can be difficult to maintain on a daily and consistent basis, but this doesn’t mean to just give up. Sometimes it’s difficult because fresh produce doesn’t last long and it seems we’re just throwing food away. We’ve come across some really great tips that can help keep produce fresh and lasting. One of those tips is to transfer your produce into a plastic zip bag and insert a paper towel or cloth inside. The towel will absorb the residual moisture and prevent your produce from getting slimy and rotten.  Change your towel as needed. For example, once you have cut a cucumber place another towel on the cut end and place that end into the corner of the bag. You can use this same technique with other produce as well.

Superfood powdered supplements and liquids have also become a very popular effective way of consuming the nutritional benefits contained in these foods. Superfood recipes are intended to work in coordination with each other. It’s best to incorporate these superfood products while also consuming a healthier diet.


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