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I'm Georjia, creator of PelleAmo Dream Silk Organic Botanical Anti-Aging Facial Serum and this evolving lifestyle site where I highlight my favorite wellness/fitness, fashion and outdoor must haves from partners I trust through my vast experience spanning more than 35 years.  (My accreditations, licenses and certifications are listed at the bottom of this page).


As a full-time certified fitness professional, for over 30 years, I’ve taught and trained at wellness centers, medical facilities, gyms, on cable TV, online programs, as an adjunct college faculty, and privately with hundreds of students and clients.  An extension of my experience resulted in a rebounder exercise book collaboration, choreographing, and teaching fitness videos as well as creating infomercials for a superfood/ fitness equipment company.

I'm an online personal trainer one on one / remote incorporating strength and flexibility modalities. I specialize in helping those of you needing assistance with creating an exercise regime for your elderly loved ones. I also offer exercise techniques with proper movement mechanics for individuals wanting to include a fitness platform to their social media influencer site, or those of you wishing to do the same for yourself and/or your athletic endeavor.

ResilienceXS, a free downloadable eBook from RawrLife), is a movement recovery book based on a collaboration with a yoga colleague and four extreme pro-athletes.

“Fit it in Fitness At The Desk®” Software is my Registered Trademark of software and US Copyright on the software (Fit it in Fitness at the Desk Software) designed as a desktop fitness exercise pop-up, is still used in many companies today. 

In addition to working fulltime in the fitness industry, the beauty industry has always been a passion of mine.  I’ve held an active cosmetology license since 1984 and am a member of The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, greatly benefitting from their expertise in applying essential oils in skin care.  During my career, local Arizona dietary supplement and beauty products company also engaged my services for product research and development.  

PelleAmo Dream Silk is my own signature organic anti-aging facial beauty serum infused with essential oils, botanicals and Vitamin D.

PelleAmo and this lifestyle site are family inspired.

My late mother, an Italian immigrant, coined the name PelleAmo, which means "skin love."

The logo and label designs were created by my daughter, a branding professional. She's also my go-to for technology help, which I've needed plenty of times.

My two sons own and operate a successful certified organic super foods company, Rawrlife, which is distributed worldwide. My oldest son is also a professional skateboarder and my younger son is both a BMX professional and horticulturist and runs a landscape / garden design and installation company. Their GMP, Kosher and Organic Certified products are shared on this site. I'm also the contributing author of some of their blogs.

These photos are a sample of my youngest son’s green thumb. I've learned a lot from him about proper organic soil prep and water filters for optimal plant growth which is another key to our good health.

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Georjia Motta

Creator of PelleAmo Beauty

  • Dream Silk is sold direct in Arizona and online
  • ReNude Body Butter is sold locally in Arizona

Certifications and Licenses:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • (ACE) Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher,
  • Stott Pilates Instructor
  • Licensed Cosmetologist since 1984
  • Arizona State Licensed Senior Care Home, owner and operator 1992-97

Businesses and Products (current and former):

  • PelleAmo
  • ReNude
  • Skinovations (former microdermabrasion skin salon)
  • Fit It In Fitness At The Desk ® Software
  • Private and online fitness programs
  • Personal Trainer for The Fitness Institute at Arrowhead in Glendale, Az.


  • Institute for Vibrant Living, green drink infomercial presenter
  • NatureMed dietary supplement and beauty consultant / demos
  • LifeTec Manufacturing for the Healthbounder rebounder and book co/author
  • ResilienceXS eBook co/author on movement/recovery for the extreme athlete
  • UnitedHealthcare group fitness provider
  • Phoenix College adjunct faculty group fitness instructor
  • Sun Health Community Education and Wellness fitness instructor/trainer
  • Volunteer Ombudsman ...Arizona Area Agency on Aging
  • Volunteer for Horses Help...Assisting the handicapped using horses.



  • Cosmopolitan Magazine Petite Model for Arizona and tenth runner up nationwide.

Visit my fitness site here   Fit it in Fitness site


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Georjia Motta


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