Testimonials about Dream Silk Facial Serum

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As creator of this site and our signature product, Dream Silk. I'm so pleased to share what some of our customers and friends have to report about Dream Silk and the late ReNude Body Butter.


I am very happy to leave a testimonial about PelleAmo Dream Silk and ReNude Body Butter. I use both and love the difference they have made in my skin.  I especially like how well they work on the fine wrinkle lines and saggy looking skin areas. My arms, legs and tummy look much better and seems to appear much tighter and less dry.

Thank You,

Lisa M.

Peoria, Arizona



Gear PelleAmo,

Thank you for the free gift of both products through instagram. I've since purchased both and will probably be a faithful customer. They have helped my skin look brighter and more even toned. I'm surprised they are not greasy but are very hydrating to my skin. I'm impressed with the organic and chemical free ingredients.


Denise T.

Garland, TX



I love the way ReNude feels so light and not greasy at all. Makes a big difference in the way my skin feels hydrated all day.

Terry C.

Sun City, Az



Organic Dream Silk is just like its name, dreamy. I love how it makes my skin glow and look totally moistened but not oily. Just got my seconded bottle.

Karen N.

Mesa, AZ


Just a quick note to say how much I love the body butter. I can apply it quickly and it doesn't feel greasy. Above all, it goes on smooth and takes care of the crepey skin without having to re-apply all the time through the day. The scent is a nice mellow lemon - not overpowering.

Connie V.

Cave Creek, Az


My thoughts on Pelleamo Body Butter. I absolutely love it! First off it doesn't really have much of a scent. Whatever it is its very faint. It's super easy to use and apply after skin brushing or bathing. I am a night bather, so I apply at night and wake up with super hydrated skin. I no longer have that ashy dry look and my tattoos ink even looks revived. This body butter feels amazing when applied to my skin. It does not leave me oily or greasy. Instead it leaves my skin with a glow that I absolutely love. As far as tone, I think I can see some change but need to use it longer to know for sure.

Stephanie B.

Vinton, LA


“I would like everyone to know that ReNude body butter and Dream Silk Botanical Facial Oil Serum are some of the best skin care products that I have tried. I've been in the skin care industry for many years and I am constantly on the lookout for a product that helps with mature aging skin and dryness. I'm happy to say that these 2 products have nailed it. Thank you Georjia for allowing me the pleasure of trying your products, I can't wait to try more.”

M. Hendricks


“ The moment I touched a drop of Pelle Amo Dream Silk to my hand, I knew this product was highly superior to any others I have tried. >From $70 to $400, there is no other night serum like this on the market. I've been pressing this into my face nightly for just about a week now and my skin feels soft and supple again. No more dryness and no more fine lines from that dryness! All you need to do is look at the ingredients, they speak for themselves."

D. Forrestt, Scottsdale, AZ

“ I used the ReNUDE butter cream after a shower and use of the body brush first and my skin literally tingled with delight. It went on so smooth and my dry skin just drank it in! No stickiness, no film, just soft supple skin! The smell is divine!”



I’m obsessed with Dream Silk. It’s the reason I look forward to my nightly skincare routine. It feels so luxurious on my face, neck and décolleté. I’m very conscious about what I apply to my skin and all of the ingredients in Dream Silk are exceptional. I love that the ingredients are both organic and effective. It also smells heavenly!!! Even my fiancé loves the scent. I’ve been using Dream Silk nightly for about 8 weeks now and it has dramatically reduced the appearance of acne scars on my face, lines on my neck and fine lines around my eyes. Must try, you will love!!! 

ReNUDE is my new favorite lotion. I love using my Pelle Amo massaging body brush in the shower and applying ReNUDE immediately after towel drying. The body butter soaks right into my skin and is super hydrating. I’m constantly traveling and ReNUDE is the perfect lotion for dry climates. It never fails to keep my skin moisturized and lasts 24hrs+. 10/10! 

J. Bouche