Benefits of vitamin D for hormones, bones, immune system, weight control and great skin


4 Key benefits vitamin D provides our body for optimal health...

1) Vitamin D3 aides bone strength.

2) Vitamin D improves hormone production.

3) Vitamin D helps ward off viruses and improve immune function.

4) Vitamin D added topically works well as an anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin D helps our body absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are key minerals for bone health. One of my favorite vitamin D supplements is a liquid D3/K2 supplement to use alone or for smoothies. These work well and I have improved blood levels to prove it! 

Vitamin D has been front and center, especially since 2020 and all of us being confronted with Covid 19. Healthy vitamin D levels were found to be helpful in warding off viruses and their harsh symptoms. Vitamin D is a prohormone and not necessarily a vitamin. It's also fat soluble, meaning it absorbs best in the presence of fat. Vitamin D aids in hormone and gland regulation as well as many other bodily functions.  Also, vitamin K helps vitamin D stay in check and properly utilize calcium for bone health. We’ve also become aware of its usefulness in the fight against cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurological issues, bone health, and maintaining a healthy gut.

Remember, before taking this important nutrient consult your Dr. to get your blood levels checked. There are quite a few home test kits as well and tests for vitamin D levels, but always advisable to back it up with your doctor.

When taking vitamin D supplements take them with fat. Most meals do contain enough fat for fat soluble vitamins. The trick is to start eating first in order to activate the fat digesting enzymes then start taking your D supplement, unless directed otherwise per the label instructions or doctor recommendations.

So, what if we also applied vitamin D to our skin? Years ago, I used to see a few skincare products with vitamin D. I rarely see this now. How might it benefit our skin when used topically? Topical use of vitamin D has been reported to help with skin inflammation, plaque psoriasis, eczema, and acne. I've been using Dream Silk on my face, which contains vitamin D, and I believe my skin tone is more uniform and less splotchy. 

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Random controlled studies show improved vitamin D blood levels within the body, by applying it topically. The study suggests that in order for the topical vitamin D to absorb through the skin to the bloodstream and affect vitamin D levels there are certain carrier nutrients that must also be present. Until further confirmed research taking D orally seems best. 


PelleAmo Blog Author- Georjia Motta

ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and yoga teacher

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